Lapins Cherry Tree - Dwarf Variety - Great for Smaller Gardens Apx 5-6ft - 3yrs

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Lapins Cherry Tree - Dwarf Variety - Great for Smaller Gardens Apx 5-6ft - 3yrs

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Lapins Cherry Tree - Dwarf Variety - Great for Smaller Gardens

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Supplied bare root, our mature 3 year old dwarf fruit trees are great for growing in containers and perfect for the smaller garden, or any situation where you require a compact, high yielding fruit tree. The trees are grown on a rootstock similar in size to an M26 rootstock (see the size chart above), and have been designed to remain small while producing a high yield of fruit, similar to much larger trees. 

Lapins Cherry Tree - Prunus avium 'Lapins' - 3 Years Old - Dwarf Variety - Bare Root

This mid-season eating cherry is self-fertile and easy to grow in the garden, or large planter. It produces dark red, juicy cherries with a sweet to sharp flavour - often considered to have a milder flavour to most other cherries. The tree produces large crops of delicious dark fruit that often measure almost 1 inch in width. The tree is fully hardy to British weather - a great all round cherry tree.


Planting Instructions

Planting and growing fruit trees is easy, if you follow these simple steps:
  • Dig a hole slightly larger than the roots.
  • Carefully remove any pot (if supplied potted), do not disturb the soil around the roots (Skip this step if supplied bare root)
  • Place the plant in the hole you have dug and carefully fill the soil around the plant, gently firm down the soil.
  • Keep plants watered well, the soil must not be allowed to dry out and should always be moist/damp.
  • There is no need to use stakes or canes to support the plant, unless the planting location is very exposed
When planting Fruit Trees DO NOT:
  • Do not use any type of fertiliser when planting, this can damage the young roots
  • Do not steep the plant in water for a prolonged time prior to planting
  • Do not allow the plants to dry out after planting