Morello Cherry Tree - Dwarf Variety Great for Smaller Gardens Apx 5-6ft- 3yrs

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Morello Cherry Tree - Dwarf Variety Great for Smaller Gardens Apx 5-6ft- 3yrs

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Morello Cherry Tree - Dwarf Variety - Great for Smaller Gardens

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Supplied bare root, our mature 3 year old dwarf fruit trees are great for growing in containers and perfect for the smaller garden, or any situation where you require a compact, high yielding fruit tree. The trees are grown on a rootstock similar in size to an M26 rootstock (see the size chart above), and have been designed to remain small while producing a high yield of fruit, similar to much larger trees.


Morello - Prunus avium 'morello'

Morello cherry is a very polular cherry to grow in the UK and Ireland. It produces large dark red sour or cooking cherry with its distinctive acid flavour.  Too sour to be eaten, Morello is perfect for use in the cooking jams and preserves. 

This is a very hardy, self-fertile cherry tree that can be grown in a partial shade and is very resistant to disease resistance. Morello cherry trees fruit on younger wood than the sweeter varieties allowing them to be pruned harder.

Cropping is from late July until early August.


Planting Instructions

Planting and growing fruit trees is easy, if you follow these simple steps:
  • Dig a hole slightly larger than the roots.
  • Carefully remove any pot (if supplied potted), do not disturb the soil around the roots (Skip this step if supplied bare root)
  • Place the plant in the hole you have dug and carefully fill the soil around the plant, gently firm down the soil.
  • Keep plants watered well, the soil must not be allowed to dry out and should always be moist/damp.
  • There is no need to use stakes or canes to support the plant, unless the planting location is very exposed
When planting Fruit Trees DO NOT:
  • Do not use any type of fertiliser when planting, this can damage the young roots
  • Do not steep the plant in water for a prolonged time prior to planting
  • Do not allow the plants to dry out after planting